The World Ticket Conference

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Las Vegas

The 2018 World Ticket Conference will be the place to be this July. Not just for ticket brokers, WTC18 will offer opportunities for people and companies from all aspects of the business community to come together to learn about the latest developments in the secondary ticket market.

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Ticket Brokers

The World Ticket Conference has been bringing the nation’s preeminent ticket brokers together for the better part of two decades. In that time, the conference has established itself as the most important event a broker can attend each year.

WTC18 will continue in that tradition by offering the education sessions, networking opportunities, and insider industry access that you need to better your business.

The World Ticket Conference is the only independent ticketing conference, aiming to present education and industry knowledge from multiple perspectives, ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

The conference is also the perfect opportunity to connect with your colleagues from across the country and around the globe with multiple years of record breaking attendance growth behind us, WTC18 promises to be one of the largest gatherings of ticketing professionals the industry has seen.

WTC18 will give brokers the opportunity to interact directly with Primary Sellers, Exchanges/Point of Sale Systems, and first-class technology companies. These powerful connections help you stay on the cutting edge of the industry and at the forefront of the ongoing technological revolution.

Whether you are new to the industry, or have been buying and selling tickets for decades, everyone will glean important information and build valuable relationships at WTC18.

Teams & Primary Sellers

As the business of buying and selling tickets has evolved in recent years, having trusted partners to extend your reach has become a primary factor in determining success. Because of these changes, relationships matter most- protecting both your organization and your fans.

The World Ticket Conference is the annual gathering of the nation’s preeminent ticket brokers, comprising millennia of combined experience and dedication to their millions of customers. As such, these brokers can offer their colleagues in the primary ticketing space unparalleled expertise and understanding of the secondary market.

These ticket brokers represent the most successful and reputable brokers in the country, and have built their businesses on the same trust and reputation of delivery, value and quality that you have used to build your loyal fan base.

With the paradigmatic shift ticketing is undergoing, the World Ticket Conference is poised to help the now blended primary and secondary ticketing spaces learn from each other. By bringing the biggest ticket brokers in the country together with the largest players in the secondary market along with primary sellers, WTC18 offers valuable insight across the old boundaries, with an eye on the future. The biggest ticketing companies on the planet understand the value The World Ticket Conference offers, which is why organizations like Ticketmaster, StubHub and numerous Major League Sports Teams attend year after year.

Trust in Ticketing is not only important, it is essential. The World Ticket Conference is presented each year by The National Association of Ticket Brokers, an organization formed in the early 1990’s to protect fans, and ensure a fair and reputable marketplace. These principles still guide the organization today, and member brokers are bound by a strict code of ethics that protects primary sellers and fans.

As a representative of a team or venue you may qualify to attend WTC18 as our guest. Your free guest pass includes access to all panel sessions, meals, networking events and our legendary parties. To find out if your organization qualifies for a free Team/Venue guest pass, please contact Maggi Zwiernik via This Form.

This is one offer you can’t afford to skip!

Technology Companies

Ticket Brokers are massive consumers of technology- they are continually sourcing the latest and greatest products to give their firms the competitive edge, from payment processing gateways, to email marketing companies or even accounting software or web development groups- ticket brokers need your products to operate on a daily basis.

The World Ticket Conference has long embraced the importance of technology, and many WTC Attendees come to Las Vegas each year to buy the newest software, latest tech upgrade, and best new tools available to boost their bottom line.

If your organization's primary audience is ticket brokers, then WTC18 is a can’t-miss weekend of learning and networking. Whether you offer a software suite specifically aimed at helping brokers price their tickets, automate their workflows, sell off distressed inventory or in any way streamline a process, WTC18 is where you need to be this July.

The World Ticket Conference is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and your products to key decision makers at the nation’s largest firms. With WTC18’s inclusive schedule and layout whether you are exhibiting or sponsoring, you will be able to interact with brokers in multiple ways to showcase your product, service or innovation.

With the largest and most reputable firms in attendance, WTC18 is the best way to capitalize on and strengthen relationships. Your opportunities to connect are limitless in our revitalized trade show and at our standing-room-only cocktail and networking parties.

The goal of all WTC attendees is to better their businesses through the discovery of new products, technology and services. If you can aid them in achieving that goal, you need to be at WTC18.

Point of Sale Systems & Exchanges

With the largest and most influential brokers in the country in attendance, your presence at WTC18 is critical to your product’s visibility in the industry. In 2017, more brokers and key decision makers from the biggest firms were at the World Ticket Conference than any other event of the year.

Whether your product is new to the scene or an established mainstay, WTC18 will be the perfect way to show off your software suite’s features, demo new releases, and show how your product’s functions will help brokers sell tickets, make ticket management easier, or assist them with pricing.

The World Ticket Conference is the only independent ticketing conference, striving to present multiple competing solutions to attendees, helping them to make the informed decisions, and create successful partnerships.

The conference is also the perfect opportunity to connect with potential clients from across the country and around the globe. With multiple years of record breaking attendance growth behind us, WTC18 promises to be one of the largest gatherings of ticketing professionals the industry has seen. Our comprehensive schedule of education, networking and meal events ensures you have ample time to interact and make valuable connections.

If you are interested in making a more visible statement, visit our Sponsorship and Exhibitor pages to learn about the exciting and lucrative opportunities that await you at WTC18!